Tuesday, 21 April 2009


"Ses who?"
"Look here, now, I don't understand a word you're saying. Come out with it then."
"Oh bloody hell. Sea strapped?"
"Nnnnn. Nnnnn. sestrapped! Uuuh. Nnnnck"
"Hold on now, don't get your knickers in a bunch. What are you going on about..."

Emily had jaw surgery and her jaws are clamped shut. William cannot for the life of him understand her. Emily, beyond frustration, gives up and walks away. William pours himself a coffee from the coffe pot. He finishes his coffee and peers out the front window. William wonders where Sylvia is. She was suppose to come 'round to pick him up at eight o'clock sharp. William paces a bit, then opens the door to have a look. Perhaps Sylvia is just coming down the street. William glances at his watch and begins to fidget. he really doesn't like to be late. This Sylvia business really takes the cake.

Sylvia is at home. She had been bringing in her bloomers an hour ago, when the cat ran by, chased by a dog from down the street. Sylvia lost her balance and fell flat into a soppy puddle of gooky mud. She went in to change. She would have still been on time to pick up William, however, in her hastea and hurry, she dropped her purse into the laundry shute with her soiled garments. Upon trying to retreive it (her purse had not gone all the way down), she found she had shimmied herself into a bind and could not for the life of her twist herself out. Sylvia was a quick thinker. She would call Emily. Emily always knew what to do.

Emily decided the best course of action would be to tell William that Sylivia was stuck. He was good at getting people out of binds. That was his job, after all. Unfortunately William could not understand a word Emily told him. Quite frustrated, Emily went off to cool down a bit. She would take Maxy on a walk. That would do her some good. But Maxy was nowhere to be found. "Always running off," she thought to herself. "Probably chasing that cat again..."

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