Thursday, 9 April 2009


Tautwar should never be confused with totwear. Ever.

Though you will find that the fit is taut and people will go to war over it.


If you have to ask that question, you are not of the elite tautwar crowd. Turn away now, or stick around and learn something.
Tautwar can only be found in specialty shops. I ne'er say you will never find them in any sort of super store, chain store, or flea market.

Tautwar is only the elite of miniature person wear.

It is the finally politically correct wear.

And due to it's speciality and comfound softness of material, and uniquely taut fluidness of style and fit, miniature people all over the world have been seen fighting fisticuffs to fistucuffs to bring home as much tautwar as their little hands can carry.

Fad? Not a chance. Tautwar is here to stay.


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  2. I hear tell that you can now obtain used tautwar at "Elite" Thrift Stores, Like Value Village in Shrewsbury. It is also now the place to be seen unless you are unetert!

  3. There's nothing like a bonkers post- and this is absolutely bonkers ;-) Totally surreal- all I can think of are the Oompa Lumpas from Charlie and the Chocolate factory...

    Check your comments on FB blog- something interesting there for you re: Acne Rosacea blog. x

  4. I kept thinking of oompa loompa's too! lol. Hoping you're okay, by the way. Looking forward to a snazzy dd from you!