Saturday, 28 March 2009


photo found at MusicWeb
A hymplem is a long forgotten baroque in minuet style hymn, scored for operas, accompanied by the gentle plucking of the plem harp. The plem harp was named after Sir Josefto Plem. Sir Plem's was a well know private philanthropist. His great love for musicians, bread loafs, and things that made plucky noises, aspired him to commission Johanne Bloche, Austrian musical instrument maker, to make a miniature hand sized harp. "The sound should exact that of a miniature angel of heaven with which dainty sopranos could easily pluck with their delicate fingers, and should offer a sound that would unwittingly invoke tears to ones eyes." And so the plem was born, and soon thereafter, the hymplem was born.


  1. Well fancy- you learn something new every day!

    Where can I buy one? - a plem harp that is.

    I like the idea of a 'miniature angel from heaven...' All I can think og though are castrated singers- never a good thing for a man to think about though. ;-0000

  2. This sounds very similar to a hard boiled egg slicer- the harp of death for eggs.

  3. You know, it did look very similar to a hard boiled egg slicer. And yes, I thought about the castrated singers myself, sorry there, thought it was just me thinking that way.

  4. They formed a group- Castrati Anonymous apparently.