Saturday, 21 March 2009


Troschi are wood folk of the spirit world. They live in enchanted woods and glades where their work is to ensure the continuation of all that is sacred, all that is beautiful.

Without their collective power, there would be no bluebells, no moss, no lichen or common orchids shooting through the cold earth. Indeed everywhere would become barren and unpleasant and life as we know it would cease. It is they who wake each living thing from the slumber of winter. It is they who mourn the death of all living things no matter how small or inconsequential.

Yet these Troschi have been persecuted for centuries as freaks and beings to be laughed at. They were hunted to near extinction, dried, ground up and served as a traditional medicine for every kind of ailment. The very best dried cadavers were mixed with rare oils and goose grease, which was applied to face, hands and genitalia to give the wearer special powers. This was then sealed with pure gold foil, creating a dazzling visual display. 

Troschi is now available in a synthetic form, thus sparing the lives of these beautiful spirits of nature. The hunting of Troschi is now illegal and there is a £10,000 fine and up to a decade in prison if caught and convicted of harming these lovely beings.

You have been warned.


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  1. Fan-tastic! I love it. How beautifully written. Very informative. Bra-vo, my friend. Bra-vo!