Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Not a bit musseled. Simply led by a muse. Museled.

Mind, if the muse is made of mussel rather than muscle, then by all means, be musseled by your muse.

For those of us who prefer muscle, well, if this muse happens to have muscle, in the right places, by all means then, let's be muscled. Muscle museled.

Hip Hip Hooray! A muscley muse has me museled! Hip Hip Hooray.

Now... where were we... Shhh.


  1. WONDERFUL! Great entry- lovely image, very clever. Me like.

    Am under the weather- very flat, hence little activity. Hopefully an improvement sooooooon.

    Keep blogging-

  2. Hope you get better soon. No good being flat. Glad you enjoyed. Thought the photo fit perfectly, was glad I had it up my sleeve. Oh, and please feel free to grab any of the words I selected.
    Get to feeling better.
    I've got to get to cleaning :(