Monday, 2 February 2009


Pronounced foxy-ffff. This is a type of very sexy hat that was the precursor to the pill box or flying saucer hats seen at weddings in the 1980's.

This sexy number sits a'top the head, like a policeman's helmet. It's terribly glamorous- a real gem in the world of millinery, and it goes so well with the lemon boucle two piece. 

It is believed the name has been shortened from the expression: yo foxy fucker.

We are proud to announce that a small range of these will be available through the site, as made by FB and J A S, both of whom have a fund of experience in all things millinery.

No wedding is complete without one! Shame about the eyebrows though..... very Lutaworm.


  1. I can't help thinking of Pilgrim hats- like those worn on the Mayflower.

  2. Yes! And those brows are very lutaworm, aren't they? Poor thing. Such a shame. Perhaps we should mail her a plucker (my word for tweezers, I can't ever seem to change that). Fascintating piece!

  3. Better get making those hats- a big order has come in from Siberia. They are just coming into fashion there.......

  4. Oh I know they'll love them. Perfect for their climate. The word is spreading far and wide, isn't it? And such a wonderfully named hat to boot. Love the ffff as it is perfect for the ffffreezing weathers. Let me know if you need any help. I know where we can find some cheap child labor.