Saturday, 7 February 2009

skimvbol to spark democratic revolution in Zimbabwe

In the wilds of Zimbabwe, you will find a plethora of skimvbol. In fact, it is the only place on Earth they can be found. These heat and dust loving omnivores not only thrive here, but are considered a festive delicacy, and are served at weddings, coming of age extravaganzas, and funerals, just to name a few. While skimvbol are little know to the rest of the world, including neighboring countries, their existence is so prevalent, now, that the government of Zimbabwe is considering exporting them for hefty profit. This is causing an uproar amongst the smaller tribes that make up the largest part of the country.

Skimvbol have been a well kept secret of remote tribes in Zimbabwe, only recently having been recognized outside the private tribal sector, due to vast migration into larger scale cities. Skimvbol is not only considered a delicacy, but also a gift from the gods to their "chosen people". It is believed that misuse of these tiny critters can cause severe disruption of natural order and extreme punishment from the gods.

One would think that the Zimbabwean government would be sensitive to such matters. However, with the spread and excitement of democratic rule and the possibility of economic power, these skimvbol represent a fast track to the top.

Our very own JAS is in the deeps of Zimbabwe as we speak, God bless him. Cut off from the rest of the world with only sporadic reception and limited PC use. Dodging the line of fire and, with any luck, taking sides.

With Dyslecsics Dictionary, your source for World News, this is Frieda Babbley, signing off.

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  1. You will never guess- I forgot the boxes of miniature jars. Can you believe that! These pesky critters will never survive the journey to the deli, unless boiled in oil and picked in brine- a most delicious way to serve them.

    O V E R.