Saturday, 14 February 2009


Looking for a way to connect with that super special someone you haven't met yet? The man you never knew you couldn't live without? The man with the super fab hair and the super fab smile, super strong arms and a heart that won't quit?
Look no further. We've got what you 've been looking for. We're Subro.
Whay are we called that? Because this is the place you can find that super bro.
It's free to join subro. You don't pay until you find your subro.
Try Subro today!

Some restrictions may apply. Subro is not responsible for lost luggage, misplaced keys, burned love letters, orthodontics, hemophelia due to subro overload. Subro does not condone the misuse of denture kits, sponges, condoms, costume props, oils, or fresheners.


  1. mmmm, think I will give this agency a miss ta. It sounds like the kind of place every odd-bod I have ever met will be at. And, I have to say, I don't want to see those muppets again.

    Costume props- does that include Frankie Howards wig?

  2. It quite possibly might. I won't ask why, but you can tell me if you want. ;D