Wednesday, 4 February 2009


This is the word for long forgotten web links and posts that hang around in the ether, waiting to be rediscovered. They form a psychic web, not unlike those found in an attic- covered in layers of dust and decay.

These decaying fruits offer nought, they merely exist in another dimension- waiting to be discovered and enjoyed, but like wine that has turned sour or lilies that fill the air with a foul stench of death, these fruits are short lived.

Looking at these thifulfs, we are reminded of our own eventual demise- a fate we must all face.



  1. Fabulous Frieda.
    This comes at a most appropriate time.
    For I have reached that mark in a man’s life after he hits 40.
    Your article on thifulfs ties in well with my own personal Kingedst.
    How Appros

  2. Nearly Freida........ or in this case, J A S ;-)

  3. Yes, I had to add the correct author to the post after I found you were mistaken for me. I suppose becuase of the mideival way the postings are set up on the dashboard. Good to know. Fortunately I don't have to worry about that as I don't have your royal authorities. Phew! That's one less mistake I'll have to make. =)