Sunday, 1 February 2009

P O U S T.

This is a post-operative pout, formerly a limp lip that has been given a boost with either an implant or an injectable filler. The latter has been extracted from cadavers, though the manufacturers don't necessarily sell it like this in their promotional material.

Did you not know that? Many of these 'natural' fillers are derived from the dead. In the future the dead will be treasured for their ability to keep the younger generation looking tip-top.

When the oil apocalypse arrives and all the earth's black treasure has been sucked dry, we will be making candles from liquefied human fats, which will fill the house with a pungent aroma and black clouds of human soot. We will be glad of the dim glow, before going to bed at 7pm in the winter blackness.

A consequence of this will be the loss of such a charming word. Enjoy it will you can- and the benefits of the product, just like Jackie Stallone.

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  1. Well, don't you have a creative streak! You are on a roll. You are the stealty cheetah of the writing world! I'm jealous!