Monday, 2 February 2009


Vermila was once used by alchemists as part of their sacred arsenal. It was powerful stuff and its history was passed through secret channels, from Egyptian high priestesses down to the Templar Knights and beyond. Its exact origins remain a mystery as does its composition, but one thing is sure- talk of it will cause those who vibrate on a higher plane to shudder.

During the 17th Century, a tiny supply made its way to Venice where it was used in the production of glass, namely very exquisite mirrors. It was not used as the coating per se, rather it enhanced the luminosity of the reflection. In essence it drew people to the mirror and reflected back something not quite of this earth. It was both enchanting and intoxicating-

But the compound was unstable and tiny fissures, unseen by the naked eye, started to open. Sheer human emotion had caused a dynamic cascade effect and the more these mirrors were used, the more they mopped up. The maid caught admiring herself in her mistresses jewels left a tiny and permanent emotional stain. A man catching sight of himself in flagrante delicto, with a child of the street, left a highly negative charge- and so it went on.

Day. Year. Decade. Each moment was caught and mopped up by the vermila mirrors, until they began to leek a toxic charge into a room. The effects of this are slow and creeping- like the ivy that gently strangles its host. Myriad painful ailments from swollen joints through to cancer can all be traced to this source. What it has been witness to, it reflects back.

These mirrors were eventually banned, however, some still remain- undiscovered in suburbs. It has been hypothesised that this is due to the death of the grand house, with the contents being sold to all and sundry- thus further destabilising the vermila.

Should you vibrate on a higher plane, resist the urge to look into one of these death traps at all cost.


  1. My jaw has dropped below the floorboards! Excellent piece. Bravo! Bra-vo!

  2. Thank You.

    God knows where it came from- just started writing.

    Wish my life was that easy to direct- if only everyone would see it 'my way.'