Saturday, 24 January 2009

Arlettok ~ It might take your breath away.

Arlettok fashion could be all the rage where you live. It could become misunderstood. It could become deadly.

Arlet comes from the word harlot. Tok comes from the tick tock of a clock that took your parts away. In other words, fashion that sells itself by selling yourself, one limb at a time, in exchange for cold hard cash… and infamous fame.

In today’s fashion industry, it is a dog eat dog world. It is cut throat, literally. You would be hard pressed to come out of it all in one piece. If you’re smart, that is.

More bang for your buck is what you get with arlettok fashion; if you’re lucky enough to get the limb that bangs when you give away your buck.

Take this next piece, for example: Hairy arm, sporting a one-of-a-kind, cashmere, dishtowel cuff with giant pearl by JAS.

This is a prime example of arlettok fashion. What makes this arlettok fashion, you may ask? Why, the hairy arm of course. With the purchase of this cuff, you get to take it home with you. You may share it with your friends. You may look at it from afar, or up close. You may photograph it (royalties may not apply if you’ve paid enough).
You may stroke it. Even use it to scratch your back.
It is a collector’s piece. It is fashion in its highest form. Its value is not for the faint of pocket, just as it is not for the faint of heart.

Yes, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to arlettok fashion. Question is, how much would you pay, and would you be getting more than you bargained for?
Photo and more information on cuff can be seen in Survive Fashion School and Some Daubs.


  1. Perhaps I should go out on a limb here and start the bidding. I just lost a bidding war for a neck with tie on ebay, and the price tag was still intact, though understandably stained. The colors of the cuff would look great next to my chotie funerary urn (in which the priests who buried the chief of the chotie’s, were cremated and stuffed into the urn, then in turn given to the chiefs nephews to play with as was the custom) on my library shelf. To raise the cash for this choice piece of arlettok I was thinking of auctioning off my buns in my best pair of Ralph Lauren boxer briefs. You get more bum for your buck.



    BUN 4A BUCK!

    WILL MAKE SURE TO 'JOLENE' MY ARM NEXT TIME-you know jolene? the cream bleach for a hairy lip?

  3. I hooted when my arm came on! - Mrs Lateral THINKING.

  4. just wish you could have seem my face-

  5. Yes! I used to use it myself! For real! My mom made me use it for my arms. So sad isn't it? So beautiful but made to feel so... Me too, I wish I could have seen your face. Now see, this is where your camera around your neck at all times comes in handy. I'm glad the wait was worth it. Hope it inspired.
    Priho. Nice word. Will have to think about that one. Or you if it suits as I haven't tagged it yet. Didn't make it in time. Now I have to DATCH.

  6. If I was the winning bidder and received a Jolened arm I would have to order a Pindosm. Auctioning off my own bum in my best boxer briefs no less, for a near priceless piece of Arlettok, be swindled by a scropi and receive a defaced would be paramount to the great crash of 29. How could I dust the rest of my Arlettok collection with a bloody hairless arm? Step away from the Jolene J A S. Step away.

  7. Whoops, big typo. Now I feel like a FARSIN.

  8. Am just rushing out to buy shares in Jolene- might do my sausage dog as well.....

  9. You know, it'll just turn your hairs reddish blondish. You'll have to do your head, legs, chest? and groin area to match. A bit abusive, don't you think? And no, I didn't mean accessive, I meant abusive. If you have a go at it, I'd definitely wear a face mask, eye goggles (or cucumbers) because the fumes will be something else entirely and will make your eyes sting too. And you'll need to leave it on for longer than usual because of pigmentation, and then you'll get white dry skin and have to lotion and won't want to go out for a day. Tip: Blow drying with a hot or super warm hair dryer helps it work better. Oh! Blog!