Saturday, 3 January 2009

perac, saltal, blygio, diomball

Here's a nice little conversation I picked up off the wire in the comments section of one of my blogs' posts. With their permissions we are happy to announce that we can publish it here on Dyslecsics' Dictionary! Thanks Anonymous and CC! Anonymous and CC have given home to four security verification words.

A: See? You are vain and self centered. And you are trying to lead us to believe that you are "perac". A near perfect person accused falsely of being other than they are.

C: Oh come on anonymous, don't be such a saltal. Someone who leaves snippets of negative comments at the tail of a blog anonymously.

A: Well at least I am not a blygio. A blind follower who goes around kissing arse.

C: You are so diomball, you like to think of yourself as Diabolical, but are too dumb to be.

Awesome, guys! You did it. Four more words sponsored. How easy was that?

JAS in charge tomorrow.

Much love, Frieda


  1. I thought this was a made up conversation- until I checked it out. I t does exist and someone else understands the game.

  2. I have settings set to anonymous so CC wrote the conversation. Worked well?