Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Dyslecsic Note ~ Dear Bradley

Dear Bradley,

Had to hear from a friend of a friend that you were telling it around that I had borrowed a suit of yours under false pretenses and that your suit was never returned to you; that I deliberately passed on your calls, and that I stood, snickering behind the peephole of my front door when you came round to call. I would appreciate your not marking my reputation by suggesting that I am a con-fart aka knart. Our friendship, as far as I am concerned is now thwarted beyond repair. You are now labeled a dicro in my book. As for your bloody suit which you presented me for my birthday, I have taped a clipping of it to the front of this postcard and label you dicro indian giver!

Mad as hell,

P.S. You can find the rest of your damned suit in the rubbish bin out the neighbor's garage.


  1. Thought you'd appreciate a bit about a borrowed suit.;)

  2. I really love this one, in context-It makes me chuckle, because the man who 'borrowed' my suit looked like a real idiot in it.

    'taped a clipping.' I will be using that somewhere and soon...

  3. Oh that IS funny! I bet you looked handsome in it. I suppose not everyone can be as beautiful as us. Poor chap. The clipping sounded so real and obnoxiously silly! It wouldn't be the same pice without that in there. Ah, the joys of words.

  4. piece, not pice. Where did the e go?