Wednesday, 14 January 2009



Unfortunately, due to a technical error (formerly known as a cock-up,) I have lost the reference manual on determining the exact meaning of words. 

I will therefore have to make something up- pull something out of the hat as it were....

Gratoxi means 'have a nice day y'all.' Or does it?

It is a viral word first thought to have been used in California, by all those lovely toned and tanned people. The original meaning stems from grat, meaning gratitude- for looking me up and down, but I don't think so- do you? The second part means toxic, just like Miss Spears sang. (You will now have that tune in your head all day long now.) Simple translation:

Thanks, but get real you ugly muthafucka.

This has mutated into a quasi salutation of friendliness, roughly meaning, I may look friendly, but I'm still waiting for your butt to drop three feet any day soon.

G R A T O X I !


  1. Oh, fabulous! Fabulous! I can totally hear it. Toxic gratitude, gratoxi! That should be the name of a band! Way totally awesome!

    Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't listen to Britney. And I don't listen to stations that play her. So I won't have that song stuck in my head.

    My favorite line: Thanks, but get real you ugly muthafucka.

  2. da, dada da , da da ddda-.... something, something YO TOXIC..

  3. Nope, still not stuck in my head, sorry. What does wally think of that song? Does he totally rock out?