Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New to Dyslecsics' Dictionary.

We at Dyslecsics' Dictionary are proud to announce a new range of greetings cards suitable, say, for a thick skinned SHEMUT.

Images are designed to be interactive and convey a welcoming feeling- just like the welcoming feeling you gave me when I caught you and my boyfriend in the throes of passion.

We hope you like the slit throat look- are you picking up on any subliminal messages yet dear? Painful things, slit throats- but I am feeling much better now the thyroid issue has been sorted out.


  1. Shame about the boyfriend situation. I am glad things are sorted out. Though I must say it doesn't look good from here. Is that really how it happened? Horrendous! Unbelievable. Excruciatingly painful to view. Yet at the same time oddly intruiging. Where can I get one of those cards.

  2. Looks worse than it is actually- just very sore- still, Wally tried to lick it better for me :-0