Monday, 5 January 2009


Shemut* is a longtime favorite for JAS and I. We use it frequently. Shemut is definitely one of those words you wish you had with you for use during quite a few social occasions. So what does shemut mean, you ask? Frieda is here to enlighten!

Shemut- not quite a full blown bitch, but one of those snide friends who like to be nicey-nicey, then will slap you in the face with something nasty, leaving you on the back foot and unable to answer back. They then move the conversation on, as though nothing had happened. Bloody shemut.

Used in a sentence, or two, or three...? "I have to say cremmil donuts make a most excellent breakfast. Dip them in tea! But don't eat them around a shemut or you're liable to get flaked and walloped. That's my two shillings worth anyway."
"Don't make me get all shemut on your ass!"
"I like how you're using my innocent Scrabble Inspirations for your own humorous pleasures. Coming to my back-alley-underground for some cheap thrills, eh? Thinking no one would notice? You forgot about the shemut. Boo!"
So the next time you find yourself in a card shop, ask the shop keeper if they have any cards appropriate for shemuts. If they act confused, they probably are, so do them the favor of explaining. They'll thank you for it.
Until next time, au revoir my friends.
Yours truly,

*Shemut first sponsored by JAS.

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