Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Such a preize. Not first, second or even third. Not even last, or anything that can be used in an amusing anecdote with friends over a glass of something ever so slightly chilled.

A preize has no value and as such is forgotten instantly. Because a preize has so little value and because we are unable to remember any preizes we have won between us, we are therefore unable to say much about the subject- which more or less says P R E I Z E really.

When was the last time you won such a memorable preize?



  1. I can't say as I remember ;)
    Feeling spritely today are we? Nice red.

  2. Sorry, reddish pink. pink. I figured out 'girls' meant 'now ladies' as in scarily mature from a father's point of view. If I'm right let me know.

    INOWPBL - inoperable while ones mouth is full of food.