Monday, 26 January 2009


The Pindosm is a lethal cocktail with a long history. It  was invented in the Late 1920's in a swanky up market bar situated in
New York City. We can but imagine the glamour of the machine age.

The exact recipe was a trade secret for many a long year until the truth was finally discovered after de-classified documents, stored on microfiche, were released to the general public.

It seems that the Pindosm was a suicide cocktail first used after the Crash of '29. For those of a sensitive nature I urge you not to read on. Frieda was particularly upset when we liaised on this article, so much so, she had to compose herself in a darkened room for an hour.

The poison selected to put into a favourite cocktail is still available throughout the world in easy to use sachets containing clear crystals- this is not crystal meth. but something altogether more sinister. 

It is a cruel irony that these crystals are used to prolong the life of cut flowers, yet taken in a cocktail prove lethal. Next time you find yourself cutting open one of these sachets, make sure to scrub your hands raw after or it could be...

Goodnight Vienna!


  1. Put that in your pipe FB and smoke it! x

  2. Oh Excellanteh! Bravo! How absolutely fabulous! How marvelously cunning! What a wickedly wonderful idea! Orgasmic! Very Very Very nice my dear friend. Encore!

  3. Goodnight Vienna! I love that line. And I wish I had thought of the word sachets instead of packets. So much more Soula than packets. If you don't mind, I may have to steal that description.
    Think I'll have a burger with a side of concesup.

  4. I think Soula needs a sharp slap and a reality check, what with the credit crunch and all.

    Shame my post is typo central- only hope my Nova Scotia was free of those pesky blips on the language. Enclosed my arm with application...

  5. Oh that will be a plus! Did you Jolene? When do you hear back? NS is friggin gorgeous! What luck to move there. Many excuses for scarves as well. That's always a plus in my book. Wonder if there will be a wild ingien or two.