Monday, 12 January 2009

knart, dicro

Ever been taken for a KNART or a DICRO? It's not a very nice thing. It can set your mood off a few kilometers, that's for certain.

So what is a knart or a dicro? Well, let's see if we can verify matters for you. (Note the pun, please; I don't get many of these in.)

A knart is something between a con artist and a fart. I think you catch my drift here. Someone who tries to be sneaky but does not succeed at it.

A dicro would be a bit uglier. A dick rover if you must know. Someone who is just plain mean and doesn't care that they are mean and runs you over without giving it a second thought.

So now that we are up to speed with those two security verifiers, lets try to be nicey nicey. You definitely won't want to be called either one.


1 comment:

  1. I think I will be trying to slip 'knart' in somewhere. It's a great word and perfectly sums up the knart who 'borrowed' a suit- for a toys for Iraq appeal...... never saw the suit again, neither did I see any snaps of the toys being handed out, but had some complex, in depth reporting on the political situation via email. That though is another story.