Thursday, 1 January 2009

prilyo & ovensupl

We have our winners. That's right winners.

This New Years, luck comes in twos! So let us have a drum roll, please!

PRILYO & OVENSUPL have happily made it into our Dyslecsics Dictionary with top ranks!

Frank Cabaliero, from Newport New Mexico sent in prilyo. So what is prilyo, you may be wondering? Isn't it obvious? Prilyo - sounds like a dish scrubber and is formerly known as bleach. "Have you noticed recently how healthy the Jones' kids are? Mrs. Jones uses prilyo when swabbing down the surfaces." - It's proven to kill all known germs D E A D and makes for a delicious smoothie! "It's what I use on my kids every day! It does work wonders."

Janis Quayleyani, from Little Michigan, Italy sent in ovensupl. Way to go Janis, that's a good one. So what does ovensupl mean? Obviously, it means skin so smooth it came fresh from the oven... or did it? When fast word got around about the security verification word ovensupl, marketing developer and entrepreneur Mario Scapini got in on the action! He and Janis now have a new line of products you won't want to miss! Skin so supple, it's ovensupl. "Oh, my darling little squid, your skin is so soft! You've been basting yourself again, haven't you? I love it." He'll never know, it's Ovensupl. Coming soon to fine stores everywhere.

We hope you all enjoyed today's winners as much as we have. Kudos to Frank and Janis. That's two more words that finally have a home they can call home.




  1. Where can I get Ovensupl?

    Your friend Susan.

  2. Thanks for being such a good sport Susan. It will launch in Italy sometime late spring. We'll keep you posted. ;)