Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy Hadidyl.

That's right- Happy Hadidyl!

We were both surprised to see this word pop up in the verification box and especially today, as it is the sacred festival of Hadidyl.

What a marvellous coincidence and all that remains to say is a very, very ....


Don't eat too many Shmaza balls though!

With love, FB & J A S


  1. Happy Hadidyl! Rough day and night over here, but I did manage to get in a tiny bit more on James. So ready for your critisism. Fun piece on Jolen, wasn't it. That just sort of blurted out. It was an easy one, obviously. I forgot to link to Jolen though. I'll have to remember to do that tomorrow. Will post here tomorrow as well, though probably late. Well, I truly hope I can muster energy for a long and arduous hike in the morning. Wish me luck. Hmmm. Maybe I'll secretly misplace my boots.

  2. Doooo misplace those boots, then accidentally pack some stilettos! 'Oh darn, look what silly Mommy did- hey ho.'

  3. I did wear my heels "on accident"! How funny you should say that. But my sister offered her tennis shoes, AND allowed me to borrow her socks. So I was stuck. It was fun though. I slipped and fell on the ice, which was actually perfect timing because I didn't have to walk all the way to the river and past that to loan elk and all the way back. That would have made 26 miles. Mommy just can't do dat no mo'. No sahs. I need to do so much more walking. Ah the days when I could do it all (IN HEELS) and still go out clubbing till 2 in the morning. (That's clubbing, as in dance clubs, not caveman clubs ;) LOL.) What do you call it over there?

  4. C L U B B I N G . In the United Kingdom of Great Britain, we call it clubbing. I am particularly fond of that 'shake your booty' dance. It's........... W I C K E D !

  5. Uh, yeah! Dave doesn't dance though, so I have to pretend at home. I'd love to go again though. It would be fun. I wonder if they have any good clubs in NS. That would be nice.

  6. I like nothing better than a boogie around the kitchen to a Martha Reeves & the Vandelas- Jimmy Mack......