Saturday, 17 January 2009


Pronounciation: kol see ya’ nay, or kol shayn, or kol see yen, or kol sy yan
· Common sex
· Common dog
· one from kolsy
· common drug

Take your pick. This fabulous word crosses international lines. It is distinguishable only by those who use it or take it.

JAS will enlighten us on the meanings of the first three, as he is worldlier than I. And I will attempt to explain common drug (by association only mind you).

Kolsiane is commonly known as a pre-war drug. Its psycho-deteriorate affects were used in the military during drafting to raise spirits, so to speak. My grandfather, for example, was prescribed Kolsiane before WWII in order to gain courage. And courage he did gain. Kolsiane is reported to stay within the system for years, clinging to the pancreas, causing digestive disruption, colorful discharge, and an excess of hair follicle stimulation. Its effects leave as quickly as they come, causing serious mood swings and paranoia.

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