Friday, 2 January 2009


Drophonl may sound like an something one would rib into a groin injury, but it is in actual fact a term used for a very specialist reader of blogs- one who skims through sucking essential first impressions and nutrients out of the individual post followed by a secondary feeding frenzy at a later date.

The Drophonl is easily categorised:

They leave crafty markers (formerly known as a "comment,") in early posts- hoping to catch the blogger unawares.

They have an encyclopedic knowledge of random, useless information and demonstrate it whilst in mixed company or dining out. (J A S is known for his random snippets. Need to entertain the unknown guest of a guest? Want to get rid of the party bore? You know who to search out.)

They have weak posture- real slumpy y'all.

They wear those courtesy hotel slippers whilst in their own home. Though we all know we paid through the nose for those tissue thin, one size fits no-one mules.
Do watch out for the Drophonl in your community and make sure you report them to your local busy body- unless they are making themselves useful by boring the pants off the party bore.


  1. Would we like, then, totally like tell you guys if we saw one of them? Cause like I totally am pretty sure I saw a Drophonl at like Wallmart the other day. I knew he was like, totally creaping me out, but like I didn't know why and now I totally remember... He was like slumpy, you know, and like his shoes were TOTAL paper mules. So like is this where I tag him or something?

    Crap, is my name like totally going to show up on this? Cause like, I totally don't want my friends to know that I saw a drophonl with nasty mule slippers. They'll think I'm a total HELYT!

  2. Slumpy is such a fabulous word- I'm feelin real slumpy y'all.

  3. OMG. So you like totaally know who I'm talking about? You guys are like, totally the greatest. I totally don't want to see that nasty drophonl. I didn't know you were like from the south! I'm from like, the Valley which is like on the other side of the world, but like, you know I've totally wondered about you guys. OMG!
    OMG! You feel slumpy? I'm talking to a slumpy person?
    I have, sooo, got to IM Frieda. Does she like know that you're like all slumpy?